Former South Florida Kicker Marvin Kloss Developing Tampa-Based Pharmaceutical Delivery Platform

Following a minimally invasive back procedure last April, Marvin Kloss was dropped off at home by his girlfriend.

Later that day he received a call from his pharmacy indicating that his antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication were ready. He was not ready to pick them up, though. Not with the anesthesia still at work.

Kloss called for an Uber. After arriving at the pharmacy he discovered that his prescriptions were actually not ready and it would be 20 minutes before they were. He had little choice but to wait, which he did before being driven back home.

Frustrated at the time spent at the pharmacy and money spent ($20) on the roundtrip, Kloss felt there had to be a much better way to go about getting prescriptions.

As inefficient as the experience was for him, the former University of South Florida kicker wondered how the elderly and disabled, who may not have family and friends at the ready for transportation purposes and might be less inclined to use a rideshare service, deal with similar situations.

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“If I was at home and I paid $20 without leaving the house, I would have been far more pleased than having to go through the entire process that I experienced,” said the 28-year-old Kloss, who graduated USF with a degree in economics. “Nobody could bring me my prescriptions and there has to be a solution to this. We have everything in an on-demand economy these days.”

Kloss is working on a solution, which was visible in mid-February at Amalie Arena in downtown Tampa where the 2013 Lou Groza Award finalist (nation’s best kicker) was among several thousand innovators, entrepreneurs and investors who attended Synapse Florida’s two-day innovation summit.



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