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Frequstly Asked Questions

No. We never mark up the price of the items you purchase. Our service gives you the convenience of having your prescriptions delivered and that is always the only charge for our services.

Visit our website and click on the partners tab. Proceed to fill out our contact info form at the top of the page and one of our Medzoomer will reach out to you with next steps.
If there is an issue with the items you recieved you can contact the pharmacy to discuss a solution. If there is an Issue with the delivery or the app you can call us or contact the courier via the app.

We calculate our delivery fees based on the monthly delivery volume we receive from your platform. We are the most cost efficient form of on demand prescription delivery on the market.

Medzoomer will vertically integrate with your existing platform and will invoice you directly through our proprietary technology.
Of course! You can apply to be a Zoomer at

Everyone can benefit from prescription, but data shows an aged population is actively using solutions more regularly. In fact, 86% of patients using an in-workflow prescription delivery solution provided by their pharmacy are over 50. Only 12% of patients utilizing the same solution are between the ages of 20 and 49.

Hours of Operation

Orders before 10am will be eligible for delivery from 11am-11pm

Orders between 10-1 will be eligible for delivery from 2pm-11pm

Orders before 1-3 will be eligible for delivery from 4-11pm

Last delivery time a consumer can choose is 11pm

May vary by location.

Have other questions?

Contact us by email, we’re always here to help.