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Offering a reliable on demand prescription delivery solution to our partners and their patients decreasing the cost of healthcare and improving patient outcomes.

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Medzoomer Solution

We built a software that allows consumers to have a prescription delivered, in line with their schedule, reducing time and effort

User places a prescription delivery order through the provider’s platform.

Pharmacy prepares prescription to be sent out

Prescription has been picked up by our *Zoomers* for delivery

Prescriptions delivered successfully to patient

Tamper-evident and Insulated Packaging

When a provider is on-boarded, our implementations team mails packages directly to your pharmacies. We provide this to ensure 3 main objectives.

The safety of the medication in our insulted and FDA/TSA approved envelopes

The packaging will ensure that no drug information is shown to our couriers

This gives consumers the benefit of discreet packaging and peace in mind

  • 35 % of primary patient non-adherence is due to patients not having time to travel to a pharmacy, not having access to reliable transportation or simply forgetting to pick up their prescriptions.

  • 10 % of hospitalizations are avoidable due to patients failing to take medications or non-adherence, causing $260 billion in avoidable costs to the U.S. healthcare system annually.

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